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Meet Emma, shop owner

Hi, I'm Emma. I learned how to sew when I was 10 years old, taught by my grandmother and my father who owned a commercial sewing and repair shop. My love for uniquely sourced textiles has grown over the years and my interior design background has sparked a passion for creating beautiful pieces. Together, the combination brought me here. I opened Defined Designs as a pillow shop in 2017 - sharing my love for textiles and pillows with my customers.

I love working with globally sourced textiles and goods from all over the world. My love for global started with African Mudcloths and Indigos, the artisans behind each piece, how they're made + come to life.

2020-2021 brought new opportunities, turning Defined Designs into more than just a pillow shop. You'll find the shop filled with a new line of bags and other curated goods for all things in life. Enjoy.

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